take a shower


taking a shower is many things. it is, first and foremost, a way to get yourself clean. there are a bunch of scientific reasons as to why being clean is good for you probably, but at least for me it's more about making myself feel less uncomfortable. i smell bad when i don't shower, and i don't like to smell bad smells. i also start to get greasy and sticky, which , when combined with the bad smells that renew themselves every time i move a body part for the first time in 2 hours, makes any sort of motion an unpleasurable experience, to say the least.

i'm a sweaty sleeper, so it's best for me and everyone who has to be around me that i shower in the mornings. the only exception to this is when i don't have time to shower after i wake up, in which case i tell myself i'll do it later, but usually by the time i remember or get a chance to its already starting to reach evening time and then i have to consider whether it's worth it to shower before bed when i know i'm going to be gross in the morning either way and it's a whole thing. so to avoid that extremely complicated situation, i do my best to shower in the morning.

actually it'd probably be more accurate to say that i do my best to live my life in a way that makes sure i have enough time to shower in the morning. unfortunately this is a lot harder than it sounds. today, for example, i took a shower around 6pm.

why did i take a shower at 6pm? there are multiple possible answers.

and each have their own solutions.

so how's this gonna go? i like the idea of updating these sections every once in a while. not in a way that overwrites it until it's "perfect", but making new additions to the guide where i basically tackle the same topic again. i can edit the original or rewrite it entirely depending on how i feel about it. and obviously the old one will still be available. if i'm going to make a website called how to be a human being i damn well better show the process that goes into it. plus there's enough guides on how to function written by the functioning already. trial and error, now that's what we need.

so yeah, an update every 2 months sounds good to me. excited to see where this goes! (i added the exclamation point after much deliberation, because i wanted to show i'm ecited because that's genuinely how i feel :) emotional vulnerability, already getting started)